IEA 2013-2014 Show Team

Break-Away Farm well represented in our first Season!

2019/2020 Show Schedule:

Rolling Hills SC: Feb 9
Feb 23
Mar 23
May 4
May 25
June 8
Aug 10
Oct 5

HJ Fox:
June 14-16

UGA Schooling
Apr 13

Horse Show Ventures:
March 2-3
April 27-28
May 25-26
Aug 10-11
Sept 14-15
Nov 2-3

For more infomration call Sarah Dubois @
(678) 787-0966


IEA Show Team 2018-2019

Show Schedule/Results




IEA Zone 4, Region 6 - Break-Away Farm

Break-Away Farm High School and Middle School IEA Teams 

We compete in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) locally and nationally.  Our team is open to any rider that is capable of walk/trot/canter.  If you would llike to join our winning team, please contact Sarah. 
For more information, visit the IEA website

Sarah Dubois is also the coach for the North Gwinnett High School Equestrian Team. 

Any rider that is interested in riding for North Gwinnett High School may contact Sarah directly to try out for the team.   If your HS does not have an equestrian team, but you would like to letter in the sport, you may still ride on the NGHS Team, but letter within your school!  

For more information call/e-mail:
Sarah Dubois @ (678) 787-0966